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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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What do I need to hire a scooter?

If you have a Blue Badge or equivalent, please bring it with you. Please don't worry if you don't have one.

What if my flight is delayed?

Don’t worry, we will be monitoring your flight arrival time and adjust the delivery accordingly.

Do you rent double scooters?

Due to local councils making double scooters illegal to be driven in the streets of Adeje and Arona, we cannot get operating licences for them to be legally insured. As a legally registered company based in Tenerife, we do not want to be breaking any laws. So until this matter is resolved, we have chosen not to stock this product.

How far in advance should I book my scooter/equipment?

We recommend you make your booking as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment as the demand for our equipment can get very high especially during popular months.

When and how will I receive my scooter/equipment on the day of my arrival?

We will monitor your flight arrival time. Once you have landed, we will give you reasonable time to get to your accommodation and deliver the items to you. We can deliver beforehand if you wish to pre-arrange this with us.

What if I have never used a scooter before?

Don't worry, our fully trained helpful staff will demonstrate how to use and maintain your scooter/equipment. They will not leave you until you are totally confident and understand the equipment.

What if the scooters/equipment has a problem or gets damaged?

As soon as you detect a problem or there is any damage to the equipment, you must stop using it immediately and contact us straight away to arrange replacement or repair.

Is my scooter insured?

Yes. As a legally registered company, we provide full liability insurance. Unless all instructions have been ignored, then you will become liable for any damage you cause to the equipment. 

How do I pay for my scooter/equipment?

You csan either pay in advance if you wish to have the items delivered prior to your arrival or we will take payment on delivery when you are completely satisfied and understand the equipment and its operation.

Will my scooter be fully charged when I receive it?

Yes. All are scooters are delivered fully charged and ready to use.

Can I use my scooter to go on an excursion?

Yes. You can use your scooter to go on an excursion. Our scooters will dismantle to fit in a car, taxi or coach.

Do you charge for delivery?

All deliveries to the South of any island is FREE of charge, if you are staying in the North of the island, there is a €20 delivery charge.

I don't arrive until very late. Will I still receive my scooter/equipment upon my arrival?

Yes. If your flight is late, we will leave your scooter in the hotel lobby and leave the key and charger with hotel reception if prepaid. If this is not possible, we will prior to this, arrange a time to meet you the following morning.

Are your scooters fully maintained and serviced?

Yes. All our scooters are regularly maintained and serviced by our qualified engineers.

I have lost the key for the mobility scooter. Will I be charged for its replacement?

There is a small fee of 15€ which is payable on delivery of the replacement key.

Can I use my scooter on the road?

No. You can only use your scooter for crossing at junctions and crossings points.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to all parts of Tenerife

Will my Scooter/Power Chair run all day on a single battery charge.

That will depend on the scooter you rent and the amount of miles you ride, an average guest covers around 6 miles in a day and all our scooters, will easily manage an average days usage, this is assuming you charge the batteries fully the night before.

If I need to change my hotel during my stay, what should I do.

Let us know, immediately, where you are moving to, so we can update your profile information, we will also need to check the collection arrangements with you to make sure everything runs smoothly, as we would not want to delay your departure in any way.

Will it be safe to leave my scooter unattended for short periods of time.

Absolutely, just park your scooter in a safe place, remove the ignition key and keep it with you , rarely does a guest have any issues, but the equipment is the renters liability until returned to Premier mobility and the renter should take steps to ensure the security of the equipment.

Where do I charge and store my scooter in my hotel.

Most hotels have a safe charging area were you can charge you scooter safely over night. Just ask your Hotel reception and they will be happy to assist you.